Mark and Caroline {Wedding} – Tarureka Estate, Featherston

It’s so hard to sum up the experience we had documenting Mark and Caroline’s wedding. Everything was just stunning in every way. STUNNING. Gorgeous venue, beautiful scenery, lots of tears and laughter and one amazing amazing couple! Mark and Caroline couldn’t have been more perfect for each other. They were married in the beautiful Tarureka Estate surrounded by their loving friends and family. They were both beaming with joy and it was a beautiful sight to see.

Mark and Caroline, thank you for allowing us to be your wedding photographers. It means more than you know to have been given that chance. We had an amazing time documenting the love you have for each other and we feel very honored to have been there and tell your love story through our eyes.

Tarureka Estate is even more beautiful in the Summer, so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with it even more!  The textures, the details.. it was the perfect venue for this lovely couple!

Isn’t Caroline gorgeous? and those blue eyes.. to die for! I had a great time taking these portraits of her, I think she could light up a room with her smile!

The heartfelt ceremony was officiated by Mark’s Grandfather, which couldn’t have been more perfect and personal.

For more photos check out their wedding slideshow that I posted on my facebook wall.


Our Merry Kiwi Christmas

Remember this place?
Last time, we drove there on a whim.
We wanted to go somewhere we’ve never been and we found the lovely Hokio Beach.
Last time, we weren’t prepared, so we only got to stay for a little while.

Since then, we’ve been looking for an excuse to go back.
So yesterday.. we did. We spent our whole afternoon on that paradise-like place and it couldn’t have been more perfect.
Our Merry Kiwi Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives this year and for allowing us to be a part of yours.
We are forever grateful for the support, friendship and love.
Merry Christmas!

Michael & Paula {Wedding} – Ss Peter & Paul | Angus Inn, Lower Hutt

People traveled from near and far to witness them say their vows before God and what better way to celebrate their love to each other than with people who are close to their hearts. We, of course, were truly lucky that they chose us to document the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

Michael and Paula, thank you so much for letting us be a tiny part of this special day. We had a lot fun capturing the moments in your wedding, the moments that truly matter. Once again, congratulations and best wishes!

And this is Keira, Michael and Paula’s super adorable blue-eyed 8-month-old. I could take photos of her for hours! She’s such a good girl too, she only cries when she wants to be fed!

Paula is the youngest and the only girl in her family. She’s daddy’s little girl. While doing her bridal portraits, her dad started to cry. It was one of  my favourite moments that day.

My Joy

I have been wanting to do our family portraits for a while, but with the busy holiday and wedding season, and my ever so growing list of deadlines, I didn’t think we were going to find time. But thankfully, we did, yesterday, in between my long phone conversation with my Mum and rushing to go to a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours.

It was short and sweet, and we’re really so lucky that we always get amazing light in our backyard. We didn’t even need to go elsewhere!

How can you not fall in love with that smile? She makes our hearts melt. ALWAYS.

Thank goodness for the self-timer and our reliable camera stand!

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