Vienna Lifestyle Portrait Session: Nomar & Caroline

They say there’s nothing better than love based on friendship. It’s almost fail-proof.
Nomar and Caroline are the perfect example of that because they were the best of friends before they became a couple.

I shot this lifestyle session in Vienna just 2 weeks before we left for Wellington. It’s been crazy busy ever since, but good things are definitely worth waiting for, because these photos are just gorgeous. The light, the location, the colors were amazing, but what made this session extra special was definitely the couple.
Nomar & Caroline, you two are absolutely beautiful people and thank you for spending a perfect afternoon with me.

This song couldn’t have been more suitable for these two. For more gorgeousness, please watch the slideshow below.


Kia Ora New Zealand!

We’re back from our long holiday in Europe and last Saturday, we covered Glenn and Susan’s wedding, our first this season. We couldn’t be more delighted. It’s been a busy 5 months and while we’re trying to get back into the swing of things, here are some favorites from our trip and a teaser from Glen and Susan’s wedding and Nomar and Caroline’s lifestyle session.

Vienna Lifestyle Portrait Session: Philipp & Julia

Philipp and Julia make such a great looking couple, they look like they stepped right out of a Calvin Klein or Banana Republic catalogue! I absolutely loved taking these photographs of them, although I felt slightly nervous because Philipp and Julia are both photographers themselves!  They were just effortless and they made it easy for me to capture  how fun of a couple they are.

Without further ado, I present Philipp and Julia, a lifestyle portrait session in the romantic Sankt Ulrichs-Platz in Vienna.

Avalanche City – Hope Bros, Wellington

Avalanche City’s songs have been on continuous play in my life since Candy first downloaded the free album in late 2010. It accompanied us on our road trips to shoot weddings in Auckland, Thames, Featherston, Kapiti and all around the North Island during our mini summer getaway . And if it wasn’t blasting from my iPod or the CD player, it was on TV. Even Izzy knows the lyrics to their songs!

When I got the ‘yes’ to attend their Wellington gig and to meet them backstage, I was ecstatic! The guys from Avalanche City were very friendly, warm, down-to-earth and the backstage photos really show that they are having the time of their lives and enjoying every minute of it!

The Wellington gig was the penultimate leg of their NZ tour but they didn’t look or sound tired at all. There was energy, enthusiasm and passion even on the cramped stage filled with an eclectic assortment of instruments – ukulele, xylophone, mandolin, accordion, bongos, all that was missing was the harp (which as you can see, wouldn’t have fit on stage!) – all harmoniously coming together to produce the unique sound of Avalanche City.

I must admit, before I listened to their songs, I wasn’t that  into folk, but their music has definitely opened up a new genre for me that I now truly enjoy.

Every year we have a ‘summer’ song which always reminds us of how good the previous summer was. This year it’s ‘You and I’, hearing this song always brings a smile to my face and it’s my ultimate feel good song.

…and when you smile at me so sweetly
i love what happens in your eyes
when they open up to me my darling
its all i need and its so right…

Enjoy the photos – I certainly enjoyed taking them!

– Jay

Keisha turns 7

This is Keisha, my niece, who just turned 7. We celebrated her birthday on Sunday and it was as fun as it could get!

The party’s theme was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. My sister and I planned everything down to the last detail, so it was really nice to see everything come together.. We also diy-ed the buntings, cupcake toppers, photo booth and pretty much all the party decorations.

Happy Birthday, Keisha!

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