The happiest girl on the planet

Ferris wheel ride: $3

Isabel’s smile: priceless

The weather has been really good, we’re at the beach almost every weekend!

Summer is almost over so we have to make the most out of our last sunny days.


Chris & Kelly + Arana

This is the first part of Chris & Kelly’s engagement photo shoot with Arahan.. first part because we will do another one closer to their wedding day and I’m hoping that Arahan will be in a much better mood then..

and Kelly also promised me she’ll wear a dress next time. hehe 😛

We almost had to cancel this pictorial because the weather was just so unpredictable that day.

It was one of those days where it could pour any second but it didn’t.. we even got a little bit of sunshine.

..and I’m really happy we still went ahead because the photos turned out beautiful.

Summer lovin’

Our summer came late this year, but it’s finally here and it’s hotter than ever!

Seriously, this is the hottest summer I’ve experienced in Wellington since I moved here in 2005.

We, of course, like to take advantage of beautiful sunshine and hot weather so we went strawberry picking and spent the whole of Saturday afternoon picnicking with good friends.

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