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Life never becomes a habit to me. It’s always a marvel.
Katherine Mansfield

As a young bride, I know that when I am smitten with a wedding dress I am not merely mesmerized by its style or fabric. I am captivated by its story and the long road it has taken, from a spark between two people to the magic that is here and now. I see the adventure of love so carefully and so delicately woven in the details, from the flowers to the shoes, from the invitations to the desserts.

As a young mother, I delight in the melody and honesty that is a child’s laughter. I am utterly amazed and forever humbled at the myriad of wonders their pretty little eyes see.

As a photographer I celebrate these stories. The moments and emotions that are captured in every shot, the energy and passion that bring so much color to every frame.

As a bride, as a mother, as a photographer, I know all too well the value of these moments, and how fleeting they are. When the day is done, when the guests have bid farewell, when the kids have gone to bed, yesterday has passed but the memories live on.

My specialty is in engagements, weddings, children and family portraits, with a distinct vintage romantic style. I am based in Wellington, but am available nationally.

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