Orui Homestead, Riversdale Wedding: Lance & Norma

It was cloudy and grey on Lance and Norma’s wedding day, but with personality as vibrant as theirs, it felt like it was sunny and bright the whole day.
With Norma’s smile alone, you can light up a whole town, so who really needs the sunshine?
And anyone who sees them can tell how much they adore each other. They really do make everyone’s heart melt!

The drive to Riversdale took over 2 hours and a couple of wrong turns, but this couple and the gem-of-a-location was definitely worth it.
Their families were an absolute joy to be around and capturing their emotions was just a delight.
The oh so picturesque Orui Homestead is located along the Wairarapa coastline and  was the perfect setting for this colourful wedding.

Hannah Wiles did an amazing job with Norma’s makeup.
And Norma built their wedding theme around her wedding dress, which was made by Sophie Voon.

What better way to cap off a great day with some photos in the ‘Amazing Travelling Photobooth’!

Norma and Lance, thank you for such a great day! You guys are really amazing and being there to capture your most cherished day was a pleasure!
Much love.


About Candy
I am a Wellington based Photographer and my images are all about making someone smile and bringing sunshine into someone's life. Feel free to email or call me, I would love to know how I can be part of your special day.

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