Nelson Wedding: Richard and Vicci

It’s hard not to love these two, because they are truly the kindest, nicest and sweetest people I got the pleasure of meeting. It seems almost unreal.
They are the kind of people, who worry if everyone is enjoying themselves and eating something.. on their big day!
No wonder they they just fit perfectly together.

Richard and Vicci’s wedding was a true labour of love.
Everything was almost DIY-ed by Vicci herself, from the origami hearts to the wedding cake and the cake toppers
The end result was definitely breathtaking.
They also made sure that everything was locally sourced.. from the wine to Vicci’s wedding dress!
It was a wedding oozing with lovely and charming details, and that is probably why, up to now, almost 3 weeks after their wedding, I still haven’t gotten over it!

Richard and Vicci, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything, especially for making me feel at home.
I loved every bit of your wedding and I had a hard time picking what photos to post here, because everything is just so beautiful!
Your wedding day was truly inspiring and just pure joy to photograph. Much love.

The day started at Vicci’s parents’ place, where she and her bridesmaids had their makeup done by a friend.
I think it’s a blessing in disguise that they had problems with the venue, where they were supposed to get married first and had to cancel, because Vicci’s Mum’s garden was the perfect setting for the ceremony.
All the flowers on the day also came from that garden! AMAZING!

The bridesmaids’ headpiece and all the boutonnieres were also DIY-ed by Vicci.

Absolutely beautiful bouquet. I wanted to take this home!

The guests enjoyed these refreshments while I took the bridal party away for some portraits before heading to the reception venue.

The reception was held at Riverside Cafe, where the food was just mouthwateringly delicious.
The table arrangements were also stunning and I might have just gone a bit crazy taking photos of all the details!

Before going back to the hotel and after a quick change of footwear, we drove to the beach to take a few more photos.


About Candy
I am a Wellington based Photographer and my images are all about making someone smile and bringing sunshine into someone's life. Feel free to email or call me, I would love to know how I can be part of your special day.

4 Responses to Nelson Wedding: Richard and Vicci

  1. Dianna says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I can definitely imagine you going crazy over this Candy. Every thing is just so beautiful!!! Vicci, you are amazing – I loved every single detail! Where do I begin? Getting over those gorgeous bouquets alone may take me days!

  2. vicci says:

    Thanks so much, it really was a labour of love!

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