Ben & Kate {Wedding} – Thames, Coromandel

Walk in the rain,
smell flowers,
stop along the way,
build sandcastles,
go on field trips,
find out how things work,
tell stories,
say the magic words,
trust the universe
-Bruce Williamson

There’s a magnet on their fridge with this poem on it and when I saw it, I instantly thought of how appropriate and fitting it is for Ben and Kate. Because they are definitely the kind of people who appreciate everything and everyone around them, and that’s also probably the reason why in just the short time that we’ve spent with them, it already feels like we’ve known each other for a very long time.

I have been looking forward to their wedding ever since Kate emailed me in February. When we saw and met them last week, I just knew how much fun I’m going to have documenting their love because being around them is pure joy. You can just see their love and happiness radiate through their smiles and laughs. It was beautiful. And I was once again reminded of how lucky I am, because I’m always surrounded by so much joy and love.

Ben and Kate, thank you so much. You didn’t only give me the opportunity to be a part of your special day, you also gave me and my family the chance to see such a beautiful town. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and we will definitely be knocking on your door when we’re in Thames again.

Kate and the girls got ready in Ben and Kate’s adorable house. ADORABLE. Their house is full of beautiful tiny details. I couldn’t stop taking photos of everything!

Kate’s beautiful gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses were all made by Kate’s Aunt! Isn’t that awesome?

The scenic Kaueranga valley provided gorgeous light throughout the afternoon. They couldn’t have chosen a better location and day.

They named their dog after Ben Harper. Kate walked down the ‘aisle’ to Ben Harper’s ‘Forever’ when they promised to give their forever to each other last Saturday, so I thought it was only appropriate to choose this song for their slideshow below. Enjoy!


About Candy
I am a Wellington based Photographer and my images are all about making someone smile and bringing sunshine into someone's life. Feel free to email or call me, I would love to know how I can be part of your special day.

4 Responses to Ben & Kate {Wedding} – Thames, Coromandel

  1. Kate Bierre says:

    Beautiful, so amazing you have done such an absolutley stunning job. Anyone browsing here looking for a photographer for any special occasion, you will not regret giving Candy the job. She is amazingly talented, quietly moving around capturing moments, she has an amazing artistic eye in balancing frames, catching the light and portraying the natural beauty and personality of people.
    She is calm and reassuring, just like an old friend making you feel at ease and preventing any of those stiff posed forced smile photos.
    Having Candy photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding plans.
    P.S She also has a lovely husband and the most gorgeous little girl that you just gotta meet

    Kate and Ben
    Happily married and photographed

  2. Agnes says:

    Love these…well done. ;o) 2 thumbs up.

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